A real-easy, high-performance
modular web development stack
for designers and developers
using Lua.

The Skinny

Moonstalk is free software for *nix systems (Linux, macOS) enabling efficient development and hosting for web-focussed projects built using the easy to comprehend Lua language (not dissimilar to Javascript yet simpler) for backend logic from basic pages to complex applications.

For designers and site developers Moonstalk offers an all-purpose templating and rendering, just add dynamic markup into your HTML for a site or as an application across multiple sites. Easily extend and customise pages and features from applications such as a CMS. All without need to worry about performance.

For application developers you can configure, hook-into, or replace Moonstalk's provided components — favouring (but not enforcing) convention-over-configuration (avoiding settings), synchronous request–response flow (avoiding callbacks whilst retaining the benefits of async environments), and free-form relationships (avoiding class hierarchies).

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The framework was conceived in 2010 by Jacob Jay with ongoing development primarily derived from private projects. The prior public BitBucket repository is currently being converted from Mercurial to Git for release, any enquiries about use or to establish a working group for releases is welcome to moonstalk@moonmill.com or @moonstalk.

Internal API changes are likely to occur for applications, however other functions (sites, pages,…) will generally remain stable. The manual is not entirely up-to-date and you may need to refer to sources.

A Social Enterprise Project of The Moon Mill